Rafter Five £18

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Rafter Five £18

March 29, 2024 £18 2 player 3 player 4 player 5 player Age 6+ Board Games Duration 20 minutes Oink Games 0

If you like Jenga, you’ll love Rafter Five… and it can be played on even the smallest of surfaces. Use the box as the core game component, and players build an ever-expanding raft on top of it. 

This may be one of the smallest balancing games ever produced, coming in a trademark Oink Games box – but it packs heaps of tension into the experience

About the Game
In Rafter Five, you and your fellow players want to build as large a raft as possible — but you want to end up being the only one who can board it.

To start, stack the box top and bottom to create a base, then place the five wooden rafter pieces on the starting card on top of the base.

On a turn, lift a rafter, place a raft card on the playing area, replace the rafter, then place one of your treasure chests somewhere on the raft…ideally in a precarious position because if someone else knocks off this chest, they must keep it in their hold. If a player collects five treasure chests owned by other players in their hold, they’re out of the game! (You can knock off your own chests without penalty, but you’re making the game easier for everyone else.)