New and Pre-Loved games

Not for profit community games shop, all profits go to supporting Here for Games projects; free events, free community lending library and knowledge sharing.

September 2023

Work in Progress

This website and project are brand new, please be paitent with us as we get everything working smoothly.

Buy from us, support your community. This an experiement and a pop up shop rather than a ‘true’ shop

Second hand items now live!  and we have a full list of games you can order too!

We have a small range of merchandise to sell which we’ll add too (proceeds split between us and charity)

Second hand game and full order list
The details

How to buy

We are planning to hold a small amount of new games in stock for sale at larger events or for ordering for delivery at our regular events. 

Check out the full sales list (above) of the Sales sheet below and let us know what you are after. We can then order it (if needed) and bring it to our next event for pick up.

A ‘nice’ looking sale sheet is below and will be updated from time to time.

New Games Catalogue

Pre-loved games are awesome

Second hand games are a great way to make and save money and reduce waste. We love the bring and buys at our big events so we are bringing it online.  Pick up at events only.

Most of these games have been donated by individuals or companies. Some we are selling on behalf of people who need help managing their collections.

Second hand games

New Games

Watch this space as we add information about our small but perfectly formed new game stock. We have curated an amazing set of games  that show case the hobby. We plan to hold a small amount of stock and order in on demand

Sales Sheet (PDF)

ART Project £35

Very simple rules for this type of game, Immersive Art, 6 missions each bringing originality and replayability Your team of specialists, the best in their field, will travel from Japan to[…]

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November 1, 2023 0

Goddam Dilemma £20

The goal of the game is to respond to a dilemma by accepting it… or not! Example: “You can choose the weather BUT as soon as you fart your nose[…]

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November 1, 2023 0

Quoridor (Standard £32 and Mini £22)

Do you have what it takes to escape? In Quoridor, there are only two actions; build a wall or move. Blocking your opponents is key. To win, however, you must[…]

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October 30, 2023 0

Frequently Asked Questions

Work in progress, let us know what you want to know  

How do I buy games?

1) Contact us
2) We deliver to one of our events
3) Pay
4) Play

At some larger events we bring a range of titles to sell or have a bring and buy

How do I pay?

Cash or paypal.

What games can you order?

We can order games from but are looking at other options in the future. Most of the website above is behind a login for ‘traders’.

Link for what we can order below

Order list and second hand gamesBoard Game Geek List

What should I buy?

We are happy to make recommendations and all of the new games for sale are in the library so you can try before you buy. 

Borrow from the Library

Why sell games?

Running free events and maintaining the library costs money! Maintaining high inclusion and accessibility standards doubly so!

We love our bring and buys and avoiding waste and want to make it easier for folks to buy great games whilst providing a small income for the community.

This will not change our focus, we are about running and supporting free inclusive events but if people want to buy games we may as well help ensure they buy great games and help fund our projects.

Can I mail order?

Not on the cards, we want to keep this simple and make sure we do a good job. The Here For Games teams already runs 100s of events a year and that’s our main focus.

By only hand delivering games or providing them at large events it shouldn’t impact what we do.

Where do your second hand game comes from?

We are very lucky to get donations from individuals and companies, donations are reviewed and either added to our library, prize pool or the shop.

All proceed go back into Herefordshire Board Gamers / Here For games to cover costs and provide free events.

Second hand games

I can get the games cheaper else where! / Can I have a discount

We are not the cheapest, we can’t bulk buy and a pop up shop is a lot of admin by our volunteer team, we need to make enough money to make it worth while.

Discounts we are considering for the future.

I’ve added a link to an external price comparison site which covers MOST shop. Also view our wonderful sponsors and check them out. 

External Price Comparison site