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Don’t let perfect stop you / 10 years of free Herefordshire Board gamers Events

WIP. I recently shared a gallery (Currently on facebook only) of 10 years of Here For Games con, which is our annual event which has been growing slowly but double last year, we’ve worked hard to keep the event (and all of our events) friendly and inclusive and it was wonderful to see how how […]

Event templates

These are the templates we use for our events. When publishing an event take a moment to view the poster to make sure WhenWhereHow muchand also WHAT the event is about is clear and on the poster The body of the event text should include the below Advert for events should be clear and include the […]

How to run a great games night and make it inclusive and supportive of, accessibility, well being and neurodiversity

There is no perfect answer to this but the following tips, should create a welcome friendly environment. Everyone likes to know the lie of the land, the basic rules and what to expect but more so if you have anxiety, autistic tendencies or a number of other issues.So double check and make sure everything is […]

Allyship and Privilege

To sum up this incredibly important topics it’s about making everyone feel welcome, included and safe. They will not be perfect first time and we will continue to improve and evolve them so please do read and feedback on the guides, and join us on this journey into giving back. We plan to host more […]