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Best games for Beginners

Please note this page is a work in progress so your feedback is welcome. Shiny photos will be added soon. So you’ve either just discovered modern board games or you want to introduce a new gamer to this wonderful hobby; maybe a family member, work colleague or random passer-by. But what game do you start […]

Free family game night, virtual or otherwise

Most of these work brilliant online or in the same room with each person on a device. or A full drawing game supports lots of players. Based on the board Game Telestrations / Scrawl.  Drawing meets ‘’telephone’ you alternate between drawing and guessing what a drawing is as a simple drawing usually devolves into […]


Board games come with lots of new terminology: Modern game: Games made since 2000, huge variety but generally more skill and less luck dependant than a classic game Classic game: Older game, widely known, often reliant on luck Euro game: A style of modern game which is less luck dependant and is lower in conflict […]