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Social Distance Gaming

DRAFT (Photos and updates to come) this is a living guide and I will update it as I get new information.

Social distance gaming. 

We are still in interesting times and socialisation is important, so you may want to run a games day and keep that little bit further apart and no share components. Here are some quick tips.

Word Games:

All of these games are really fun, social, the amount of shared components is very minimal and it supports people sittings slightly farther apart too.
Just One
Codenames XXL

Roll and Writes.

Some of these involve a central set of dice or pack of cards and each person has a wipeboard or paper sheet to fill in. By having one person control the central components there will be minimal contact. Again allows players to sit further apart as there isn’t a shared single board as such. (Some roll and writes are more complex for example Dinosaur Roar and Write. )
Metro X
Welcome to


Some app or browser versions of the gamers can be played in person allow you to be social yet keep a distance


Avoid Drafting / deck building games.
These games involve touching and sharing components. For example drafotsaurus.