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List of positive media, books and news articles

This is a list dump of all the positive articles i can find. (Not an endorsement)

Facing the demons: can Dungeons & Dragons therapy heal real-life trauma? | Mental health | The Guardian
Psychologist says role playing games like D&D can be a powerful tool in therapy | Day 6 | Live Radio | CBC Listen
Mind games: How gaming can play a positive role in mental health – Source (
Board games may stave off cognitive decline (
Why playing board games is so good for kids – and how to get them to join in – The Irish News
Being bipolar | Thematic Solitaires for the Spare Time Challenged | BoardGameGeek
Can computer use, crafts and games slow or prevent age-related memory loss? – Neuroscience News
Board Games Are Helping My Wife Recover From Her Traumatic Brain Injury (
Games and Puzzles Box | study supported dementia activity (
Using Eurogame Board Games for Teaching Social Studies | Fractus Learning |
Geeks vs Loneliness: a note on oversharing | Den of Geek
Dragons in the Department of Corrections (
The Amazing Health Benefits of Board Games … for Adults as Well as Kids (
Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games while Social Distancing (

Table Talk – Are Board Games Good For Your Mental Health? (
Are playing BOARD GAMES a waste of time? (
Video | Facebook Neurodiversity and Accessibility in Tabletop gaming
‘Gaming has made me a lot more open’ – BBC News
BrewTube #10 – Depression and Resource Management (

Bonus Content – RPGs Vs Depression by 3T RPG Podcast (
Ludology: Ludology 208 – Playing With Purpose (

Good reads list Books About Board Games (29 books) (
The Board Game Family: Reclaim your children from the screen: Ellie Dix: 9781785834332: Books
Tabletop Role-Playing Therapy : Megan A. Connell : 9781324030607 : Blackwell’s (
The Brick Castle: The Board Game Family by Ellie Dix – Book Review (sent by Crown house Publishing).
The Board Game Book, Volume 2 by Owen Duffy — Kickstarter
Everybody Wins: Four Decades of the Greatest Board Games Ever Made: Wallis, James: 9781839081910: Books
Haynes Tabletop Gaming Manual – Travelling Man UK
The Floor is Lava — Ivan Brett
Of Dice and Men | Book by David M. Ewalt, Joe Manganiello | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK (
What Board Games Mean To Me by Donna Gregory | Goodreads
Board Game Design Advice: From the Best in the World (Board Game Creation Advice Book 1) eBook : Barrett, Gabe: Kindle Store
Kickstarter funding book KS Book – Stonemaier Games
The Book of Board Games: An Introduction to Modern Tabletop Gaming: Dee, Steve: 9798877670730: Books

Sorry for the random links- I will move these over to the authors home pages! Those aren’t even affiliate links 🙂