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Introducing Here for Games Knowledge. Guides on gaming for new players, organisers, events as well as inclusion, accessibility and mental health.

Our aims

To support gamers and communities by sharing knowledge

To share the benefits of gaming, including health and well being

I am passionate about helping people run the best events they can, even a few months ago we heard from a new player we were their last chance, they had joined a few groups and weren’t made to feel welcome and we about to give up on the hobby.

I want to grow the team to collate and share knowledge. I would love to grow the communities as well. They are specific and small to help information be found easily and will never replace groups like this.

We are running an inperson session at Airecon 5pm Friday.

We will be running two online sessions soon Likely Late March
General knowledge share for organisers
Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship and Privilidge

As well as an in person event in Hereford likely late April