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Gender Inclusive Language

To sum up this incredibly important topics it’s about making everyone feel welcome, included and safe.

They will not be perfect first time and we will continue to improve and evolve them so please do read and feedback on the guides, and join us on this journey into giving back. We plan to host more sessions and produce further guides.

Addition to include:
Stereotypes, in a gaming setting do not make assumptions based on game choice or game ability based on appearance.

For example someone feminine presenting would prefer cooperative games or games about animals or is less experienced in gaming.

Be mindful of assumption and stereo typing:
‘How often in gaming if there a mixed group of people will strangers approach / speak to the ‘male’ for information about the game ‘

Normalising name and pronoun introductions.

Calling out ‘joke pronouns’
“Pronouns may not be important to you but for many they are, so we use them respectfully to make everyone feel welcome and included”

How to correct pronoun accidents and misuse
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