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Work in progress for Scrabble day April 13th

Scrabble is a spelling game, with a strategy layer for hitting specific spaces with words or letters to score maximum point.

For this article I am going to explore word games generally.

Paper Back Collect letters and spell words (Competitive Deck builder)
Hard Back
Collect letters and spell words (Competitive Deck builder)
Letter Jam
Race to build words from a set of letters (Competitive)

Spelling but you can adjust the words!
Upwords – Like scrabble but you can add letters on top to chance the state of the shared board
Banagrams – Race to use all your letters, you can change and remake your personal word board at will
Shenigrams – a shared board but and you race to complete words, but when words are made they can be swapped, inserted and changed.
Ell Deck – a deck of letter cards with various games you can play.

Words and meanings:
Just One – Cooperatively give clues to help one person find the word but if you clue is shared with someone else it is canceled, so be useful but not too obvious (Cooperative)
So Clover (Cooperative) give clues to link works on a grid for your team to make
Cross talk – give clues to help your team get a word but the other team gets to make a guess first (Cooperative)
Mind Map – Plot your word on a grid compared to random things so your team can guess (Competitive)
Balderdash – Make up definitions (Competitive)
Cross Clues – Race to complete a shared grid by giving a clue to link two words (Cooperative)
Phantom Ink – race to guess a word by asking weird question and getting the answer one letter a time (teams)

Spatial Strategy:
Qwirkle – Form words but out of shapes and letters! No repeated colours or shapes allowed (Competitive)
Sagrada – A dice game but placement of dice on a grid are important to scoring (Competitive)

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