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Board Game Organiser knowledge share / workshop dates:

Airecon 2024: March 17th Sunday 11am

UK Games Expo June 1st Saturday 14:30

I will also run an online one as part of Our Online Board game convention (Late April)
I may also run Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship again

The next article I want to write as part of knowledge sharing is Grants and Funding.

If anyone wants to be involved with the seminars / workshops or knowledge sharing please get in touch.

History and minutes:

Session 1 was online February 24th 2022 General knowledge sharing
Minutes Board-Game-Organisers-knowledge-share-Feb-2022-Online.pdf (

Session 2 March 10th At Airecon 2022 General knowledge sharing
Minutes Board-game-organiser-knowledge-share-March-2022-airecon.pdf

Session 3 June 4th 2022 at the UK games expo 12:30 to 13:30 General knowledge sharing
Board Game Club & Community Round Table – UK Games Expo
Draft Minutes

Hereford 1st Feb 2023. 6.30 at the Herdsman. Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship and Privilege.
No minutes produced.

Session 4 Airecon 2023 Friday 10th March 5pm.

Online Role Playing games Monday 1st May 7pm

ONLINE Gender Inclusive Language and Allyship and Privilege Wednesday 3th 7pm
Part of Here For Games COnline
Based on the below:

ONLINE Board Game Organiser Knowledge share Wednesday 10th 7pm
Part of Here For Games COnline

Board Gaming academic Panel Sunday 4th 11am

UK Games Expo Sunday 4th 2pm to 4pm 2023 Board Game Organiser Knowledge share

2022 General Findings

Attendance is around 50-60% compared to pre-covid numbers
Meet Up is expensive and only worth it for some clubs, normally those in a large city. There is an option to share one paid subscription between three groups or organise a wider regional meet up.
Parish/village/community magazines are good free advertising
Outreach programs at schools / fetes/ museums can work but are volunteer heavy

Maintaining membership
Dedicated greeters
Starting with social icebreaker games where players can join in like Codenames
Setting standards via a code of conduct. Clear rules are generally a positive thing.

Removal of members as a last resort was agreed by all.  Working to find solutions including ground rules written in conjunction with the individual where appropriate.

National Lottery: Awards for All and local building firms/ supermarkets can be good places to try.
There are different levels of requirements for grants that standard game clubs may not meet i.e.  bank accounts, charters, constitutions, and accounting.
Regions often have local funding hubs with multiple grants and schemes.

Beginners and being inclusive.
Build a culture, games library, dedicated greeters, clear signage, not starting long games straight away.

Always a challenge, pubs/ restaurants can offer free room use but it appears harder post covid.

To do
Grants how to!
Social Media How to
Running Charity events including getting sponsorship

Herefordshire Board Gamers Policies

Herefordshire Boardgamers guides:

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Other resources (Good range or resources and templates)