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Don’t let perfect stop you / 10 years of free Herefordshire Board gamers Events


I recently shared a gallery (Currently on facebook only) of 10 years of Here For Games con, which is our annual event which has been growing slowly but double last year, we’ve worked hard to keep the event (and all of our events) friendly and inclusive and it was wonderful to see how how our inclusion has grown each year.

10 years of Here for games Con | Here For Games Con

I also want people to look back at our first image and see how we’ve slowly grown in size and professionals, Logos, banners, Tshirts, variants of volunteer IDs to last year when we added better pronoun tags and this year we are adding tableleg height extenders. I’ve always wanted inclusive events but I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I kick myself when I look back but we keep listening and learning.

Please do not be put off if you can’t run the perfect event, do the best you can, add the measures you can, can’t afford Lanyards or ‘uniforms’ Find a cheap flouresent jack and a sharpie, you now have a lead organiser who can’t be missed!

Perfect is the enemy of good – Wikipedia

Be consistent, listen, learn, build your team and your event will grow, do the best you can but don’t be too hard on yourself. Ask for feedback see what is actually important to your local gamers be humble and show you are trying and normally there will be a lot of support and forgiveness.

For me- I make sure I ask for feedback and aim to listen to the good MORE than the bad feedback (of which we get a very small amount)- people are more likely to complain than praise.

We have a huge range of measures for inclusion but we’ve been going for 10 years have grown a large team and have strong focus on inclusion, pick and chose what to do but don’t feel you have to do everything- ever.

On a related note don’t wait to have perfectly graphic designed posters or adverts, if you are a small volunteer group like us, a bit rustic or ‘grass roots’ add to the charm and people will generally understand you are doing your best.

As a note: if some one criticizes a spelling mistake invite them to proof read your entire website and facebook page, i’ve had some amazing free help that way – once I’ve explained I’m badly dyslexic and taken the critic as support.

Image 1: Our 9th games convention, a room full of people, our logos, clear area signage.
Image 2: Year 1, a few of my friends and my personal games. Note this is the same venue!