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Don’t let analysis paralysis kill you (First Aid Guide)


Sorry for the flippant title, too many people die each year as they delay getting medical help. We also need to know the signs to look out for for Heart Attacks and Stroke.

This can effect anyone! Don’t assume because you are young, fit or healthy you/ they are safe.

UK not emergency Line 111
Get help for your symptoms – NHS 111

Note analysis paralysis is a gamer term which describe people who take too long on their turns or to make decisions, there are many reasons for this and groups should ideally be supportive of them and seek to find a solution or support them.

Heart Attack

Someone having a heart attack may:

  • have crushing pain in the centre of their chest, that may spread to their jaw, and down one or both arms.
  • be breathless or gasping for breath.
  • be sweating profusely.
  • experience pain similar to indigestion.
  • collapse without warning.
  • complain of dizziness.
  • have pale skin and their lips may have a blue tinge .
  • have a rapid, weak or irregular pulse.
  • have a feeling of impending doom.

Heart attack – BHF
Heart Attack – Signs, Symptoms, & What to do | St John Ambulance (


Look for:

  • F – stands for facial weakness.
    • Look at their mouth or eye – they may be droopy, and they can’t smile evenly.
  • A – arm weakness.
    • Ask them to raise both of their arms. They may only be able to raise one. 
  • S – speech problems. They are unable to speak clearly or might not be able to understand what you are saying to them.
    • Ask them a question, such as ‘What is your name?’  Can they respond appropriately?
  • T – time to call 999/112 for emergency help and tell them you suspect a stroke after using the FAST guide.
  • While waiting for help to arrive, keep them comfortable, supported and reassure them.
    • Do not give them anything to eat or drink because it may be hard for them to swallow.
  • Keep monitoring their level of response until help arrives.

Stroke – Warning Signs & First Aid Advice | St John Ambulance (