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LGBTQIA+ Inclusion

It’s Pride Month! Rather than change our logo to a rainbow lets talk about and share what we do to make our events more inclusive for everyone including LGBTQIA+ Folks. +Normalise pronouns, via name tags, larger pronoun tags and introductions. +Consider venues, some venues are less LGBTQIA+ friendly, for example we run events at the […]

Best games for Beginners

Please note this page is a work in progress so your feedback is welcome. Shiny photos will be added soon. So you’ve either just discovered modern board games or you want to introduce a new gamer to this wonderful hobby; maybe a family member, work colleague or random passer-by. But what game do you start […]

How to run a great games night and make it inclusive and supportive of, accessibility, well being and neurodiversity

There is no perfect answer to this but the following tips, should create a welcome friendly environment. Everyone likes to know the lie of the land, the basic rules and what to expect but more so if you have anxiety, autistic tendencies or a number of other issues.So double check and make sure everything is […]

Allyship and Privilege

To sum up this incredibly important topics it’s about making everyone feel welcome, included and safe. They will not be perfect first time and we will continue to improve and evolve them so please do read and feedback on the guides, and join us on this journey into giving back. We plan to host more […]