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List of Museums, collections and conferences

WIP ConferenceBoard Game Studies Colloquia (Started in 1995) Online conference Games-Based Learning Virtual Conference 2024 ( MusuemsFinish Museum of Games Museum of Board Games (Newent UK) Victoria and Albert (also online)games – Search Results | V&A Explore the Collections (

UK Games Expo: Accessibility events and a few other interesting ones

Tickets to the events are required- I think most events below are free. Friday 11:30 – 12:30 BST The psychology of The Traitors – UK Games Expo Friday 11:00 – 12:00 BST A definitive guide to therapeutic gaming- with Game Therapy UK. – UK Games Expo Saturday 14:30 – 15:30 BST Board Game Organiser Knowledge share: […]

Don’t let perfect stop you / 10 years of free Herefordshire Board gamers Events

WIP. I recently shared a gallery (Currently on facebook only) of 10 years of Here For Games con, which is our annual event which has been growing slowly but double last year, we’ve worked hard to keep the event (and all of our events) friendly and inclusive and it was wonderful to see how how […]

2024 knowledge share events 3 online 1 at the UK Games Expo

Here for Games Con-line presents: Here for Games Knowledge Workshops. Game as a Form of Art by Dr Alina Potemska, Monday 29th April 6pm to 7pm.Here for Games CONLine 2024: Game as a Form of Art by Dr Alina Potemska, Here for Games Knowledge | Warhorn Board game organisers, including running accessible events, Tuesday 30th […]

Mental Health Stories

Gaming and Mental Health – My story- Online gaming or Why CONLINE?(CW- ‘depression / low mood’- nothing too heavy)I’d love to hear your stories of gaming and how they have helped.———————————-Gaming and mental health- Online gaming specifically. I’ve written about gaming and mental health before, socialisation, activities, communities, controlled risk taking, the ability to give […]

Event templates

These are the templates we use for our events. When publishing an event take a moment to view the poster to make sure WhenWhereHow muchand also WHAT the event is about is clear and on the poster The body of the event text should include the below Advert for events should be clear and include the […]

Games like Scrabble

Work in progress for Scrabble day April 13th Scrabble is a spelling game, with a strategy layer for hitting specific spaces with words or letters to score maximum point. For this article I am going to explore word games generally. Spelling:Paper Back Collect letters and spell words (Competitive Deck builder)Hard Back Collect letters and spell […]

Games like Wordle

Originally posted Feb 2022 at the height of the Wordle craze. Wordle is a word deduction game, which is surprisingly social as you can share your guesses and successes without giving away too many spoilers, over the last few months many communities have been sharing their wins, losses, techniques and stories. People approach it in […]

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