Welcome to Here for Games Knowledge. A knowledge sharing community.

Building on 6 years of knowledge sharing by Herefordshire Board Gamers (www.herefor.games) launched in January 2023.

Our aim is to share knowledge to support the gaming community and to share the benefits of gaming.

We have four communities for you to join

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We can also ask anonymous questions on your behalf to our communities.

We don’t plan to cover, board game cafes, shops or the professional non event side of the hobby, there are good places for this already and we’ll share them.

Even though most of the guides are gaming community focused, the advice should be suitable and useful for most communities, from large to small.

We’ve love more volunteers, Let me know.

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any external guides, links or articles. We will aim to be unbiased and incorporate all feedback.

Here for Games and Here for games Knowledge is a non for profit organisation, run by volunteers as part of Herefordshire Board Gamers / Here for Games. We will aim to keep all knowledge unbiased whilst celebrating those groups and companies who do wonderful work.

This is a first step in a long journey and we will improve and grow together.