Why CONline.

First off it is an awesome name. Here For Games Con, is a way better name than Herefordshire Board Gamers Mega May. CONline is a good pun and keep the brand growing.

Back Story We went online during the pandemic, running events almost every day as a way of giving back the community. I know we made a huge impact to peoples mental health and well being.

We ran our annual charity event online as we didn’t want our chosen charity to miss out or our guests.

We are proud that we still meet online where other groups have given up and have an amazing online community.

This christmas we ran 16 hours of online events across christmas eve to boxing day. We wanted to give back to our communities. Holidays can be hard.

This is why we are hoping to grow our online convention and are looking for feedback and partners. Please get in touch.

This year will be small as we are transitioning back to an inperson event and perfecting a multi day event. Last year was amazing even though we tried to run an online and inperson con which grew from one day to three at the same time. This year the online con is a new thing in it’s own right and we are going to take our time to get it right. We’d love your help.