Play some games!

The heart of the event! Playing games, meeting new people and having fun! Bring your own, borrow from our library, sign up in advance.

We will have demo tables run by us and special guests and aim to show case lots of different types of games.

Weekend Planner and booking form

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Welcome / Intro games

15 amazing easy to learn, quick to play super fun games to get you started. 
The welcome area is also a great place to start you day, meet players and get help

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Huge Free Games Library

Borrow one of our amazing games to play or bring your own. We won’t be bringing all 600 games please make a request in advance if you want to see any specific titles.

Supporting by the scheduled games and player wanted flags and our wonderful team finding a game and players should be easy.

Outside of the event you can borrow these games for free Lending Library

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Heavy Corner ‘Splotterthon 4’

Our own corner of the bigger Con where can get stuck in to some heavier and longer games. 

Open to all! Lots of games on hand, some quite rare. We’re happy to teach, and more than happy for people to bring their own games too.

Let us know what you want to play via the  game arranger! 🙂

FRIDAY (is EconomicEvening… aka free for all)

SATURDAY (is Splotterday…)

SUNDAY (is Trainday…)

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Life Size Games

Three amazing games made lifesize where you are the playing pieces

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Family Zone

A huge range of family games for children and adults to enjoy.  Also including Giant Jenga and Connect four.

Please note all children must be accompanied by an adult

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Games Demos

Dave – GGG GamesVarious
Bez – Stuff by BezVarious 
Natalia- Hatchette Games UKVarious
Kedric – Cheatwell GamesPyschobabble
Dexter – Word of Mouth gamesFlip, switch and rolls
Simon – BattlesystemsVarious
Gun Tower GamesPandora Celesta (not released)
Schnarf gamesSurvive alive (not released)
Ludus VulpusTwo unreleased games
Goblin King gamesMoonstone Skirmish game

Blood on the Clock Tower

(Mega Social game)

The amazing mega social deducation game hosted by one of the top storytellers will be running most of the weekend. Join in for an epic game, can you spot team evil and save the village?

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Painting zone

Free model and painting advice, a great place to unwind and relax. Always very popular.

New this year, the change to donate to get a fancier model to paint and keep. (Saturday to Sunday)

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Role Play games

(Online and in Person)

Online and in person, run by our team and special guests

Try some of the greatest games made like Dungeons and dragons to some wonderful new systems.

Weekend Planner and booking form

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NEW! Costume Contest

Watch this space!


Charity Raffles (Saturday Only)

£6,500 worth of prizes!
Online and inperson raffles! Prizes wanted get in touch! We’d love gaming and non gaming things! 

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Play to Win

Play some games and win them (you don’t need to win!)
Libertalia: Gale Crest
Between Two Cities: Essential Edition
Strong point Trivia Game

Play Any RPG or Any Conline event
Galaxy Trucker (Digital)
Through the ages (Digital)


We have a small traders areas, with priority going to local businesses. Get in touch!

Here for Games Shop (Local)
Geeky Meeples
Head Bunny Games  (Local)
Laser Edge Gaming (Local)
Embercraft (Local)
The Madmans Workshop (Local)
Shirts and Merch (Local)

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Bring and Buy

Bring your games to sell. 10% of proceeds to be donated to Mind. Online spreadsheet now live

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An amazing bunch of people who we want to support and who want to support us!

Hereford Mayor
Blackcrow Vikings
Hexxy Beast

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Community Notice Board

Bring a poster to share your geeky or nerdy business. We’ll copy these online too as sharing this wonderful hobby is what we do.