Briing some games to sell or some cash to buy some games!

The rules (We will explain our logic below)

The bring and buy is unmanned, leave your games or a list of what you are selling and a way for a buyer to contact you. (Open gaming is right next door so you can keep an eye)
All games left at your own risk. The bring and buy area is not attended.

Add a post it note on to each of your games, with the price, your name any notes and how to contact you. (phone number, Discord or location)

The buyer contacts the seller pays (Paypal, cash, favours)

At the end of the day the seller pays 10% including games presold (Just giving / cash at the welcome desk)

This is supported by a googlesheet so people can browse or arrange sales and you can advert on You can advertise on Facebook / Discord.

We request 10% of all sales be donated to Mind (this is similar to Ebay plus Paypal fees) this should include those sold in advance.

Note: This is designed to be self service and unmanned. This method has worked upto now, is low cost and frees up volunteers. In some cases we may be able to support you but the intention is you are present at the venue to sell your games.

Note: We can accept donations of games where 100% of sales goes to Mind.