Sponsors, we need you!


Here for Games Con is a volunteer led not for profit project, every penny raised goes to charity. The cost of the convention is paid for via donations, grants and our shop.

We love our sponsors being part of this amazing community. The prize pool last year was worth over £6,000. It helps bring in gamers and non gamers to the event.

We had over 400 in person guests and over 200 online, our profile is different to a lot of conventions, we aim ourselves at beginners and families with a huge volunteer teaching team (28/31 volunteers last year) as well as experienced games with our library. Our lifesize games also help bring people along and promote the wonderful hobby of gaming.

Hitting 400/600 people puts us in the top 10 by size for gaming conventions and our prize pool and amount raised is amazing, this is more amazing considering Hereford is tiny, rural and not wealthy.

We do it for the love of gaming, community we love providing free events for everyone.


How you can help


Donate prizes to the online raffle, main raffle or early promotional events.


Our library is the heart of our events and we loan it to folks for free, many go on to buy games they try. We also provide our library to a number of external conventions so it’s great exposure for your games.


Want to help out with money and have an area of the event named after you? e.g. bring and buy, RPGs, open gaming or even the hired in accessible toilet! 


Do you have something you can run online or in person, a demo, an RPG, a prototype? Get in touch!

Share and promote

Please share and promote our event, we want to help as many folk as we can discover gaming and discover new connections and communities.


What we do for you


We will do our best to share you online and during the events, companies who give a large amount proportional to their business size will get a more prominent share.

Our raffles are online and in person so that means more coverage. In our main raffle worth £1000s, the winners pick their own prizes, this means people do research the products and the companies planning what they win. This is better for the winners who get what they want and also our sponsors who get folks looking into their products.

We list all sponsors forever on our website, it’s the least we can do. The con would be nothing without you.