We love all of our sponsors and will list them forever or as long as we can our prior sponsors are listed here

Over the next few months we’ll fill this pages with lots of of wonder companies who want to support us!

A few things we’ve done to say thanks, we’ve include their logos in our giant Terror in Meeple City, we’ve group exercised to their HQs as part of our charity community Exercise challenge.

The event is free for all thanks to a grant by the National Lottery who wants to bring communities together!


Want to sponsor us? Contact me. We’d love a financial sponsor for the raffle.


2023 Sponsors

Want to be first?

2022 Sponsors


Game Shops:

Chaos Cards https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/
Zatu: https://www.board-game.co.uk/


Game Designers / Publishers:

Sussed Card Game https://sussedcardgames.com/

Detective Society https://thedetectivesociety.com/

Medusa Games https://www.medusagames.co.uk/

Trolls N rerolls https://trollsnrerolls.com/

Board Game hub https://boardgamehub.co.uk/

Flood Gate Games https://floodgate.games/

Stuff by Bez http://www.stuffbybez.com/

BedSit Games https://www.bedsitgames.co.uk/

Big Potato Games https://bigpotato.co.uk/

Czech Edition Games https://czechgames.com/

Lucky Duck Games https://luckyduckgames.com/

StoneMaier Games https://stonemaiergames.com/

GGG Games https://ggggames.co.uk/

Games Workshop Hereford


Game Distributors:
Coiled Spring https://coiledspring.co.uk/

Hachette Games https://www.hachetteboardgames.co.uk/


Game adjacent:
Board Game arena https://boardgamearena.com/

Airecon Https://www.airecon.co.uk/

Geek Etched https://geeketched.co.uk

Home Brew Dice https://www.homebrewdice.co.uk

NinjaGeek Games  https://www.youtube.com/c/NinjaGeekGames

Basically Wooden https://www.basicallywooden.co.uk/



Free League Publishing https://freeleaguepublishing.com/

Foundry VTT Https://foundryvtt.com/

Magpie Games https://magpiegames.com/

WildSea RPG https://mottokrosh.com/machinations

Cubicle 7 https://cubicle7games.com/

Goodman Games https://goodman-games.com/

Chaosium  https://www.chaosium.com/
BullyPit games https://bullypulpitgames.com/


Local Businesses:

Geek Retreat Hereford https://geek-retreat.uk/venue/geek-retreat-hereford/

Mouse Trap Cheese https://www.mousetrapcheese.co.uk/

Seedling shttps://www.seedlingstrade.com/

Ganesha https://www.facebook.com/GaneshaHereford/

Franks Luxury Biscuits https://www.franksluxurybiscuits.co.uk/

V8 Media https://www.v8media.co.uk/

Jeanius Design https://jeanius-design.co.uk/

Purple River Media https://www.facebook.com/PurpleRiverMedia/

Skate Hereford https://www.skatehereford.co.uk/

Friends of Castle greenm http://www.friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk/

Q comics https://www.facebook.com/qcomicstore/

Autosport models https://www.facebook.com/Autosport-Models-Collectables-456520207889815/

HVOSS https://www.hvoss.org.uk/

Waitrose Hereford

Oaker Wood Leisure oakerwoodleisure.co.uk

Diva Media https://www.diva-media.co.uk/

Richmond Place https://www.facebook.com/RichmondPlaceClub

Herdsman https://www.facebook.com/TheHerdsmanPub

Hereford Make CIC https://www.facebook.com/herefordmakecic

Yarcle Cider https://yarcle.co.uk/ 

Herefordshire Council


Left over from 2021
Candle and light pack https://www.partylite.co.uk/
Dice Towers from Personalisedstore (Etsy)