Prize update! We’ve just launched a 9th online bundle- RPG / DND stuff worth over £100. Total pool is way past £7,000!

Total prize pool is 381 items, 136 board games, 38 digital games, 27 dice sets!

Online closes Saturday 18:45 in person drawn 19:00. Play to win announced wednesday.

Alongside the 9 online bundles, we’ve created some amazing in person bundles and that still leaves a huge amount in the Main area!

In person bundles:
Family Bundle worth over £336 19 Board games and more!
Fantasy Bundle worth £277 7 Board games, dice and more
Sci fi Bundle £361- 7 amazing board games and more!
Sea of Legends Bundle £100

Cloak and Dagger bundle £100

The main draw – where you chose your own prize includes 72 board games including some amazing star prizes!

Having bundles allows folks to target their donations / tickets onto what they most want to win!