Play some games! That’s why we are here right! We got you 🙂

  • Friendly games teachers
  • Games library
  • Intro games in the welcome area, quick to play and easy to learn games set up to get you stuck right in!
  • Family Area
  • Life Size games
  • Role Play Games
  • Life Size Games
  • Designers showing off their latest games, some not released yet!

Want to find some games here’s how!

Lots of options to suit everyone

Information / Welcome Desk

Here to help you! Ask us anything.

We can help find you players, some one to teach you most games, help with accessibility issues.

If the volunteer you ask can’t help you we will find some one who can

Weekend Planner


Full list of the weekends activities from games, demos, RPGs, Giant game. Plan your weekend in advance or during te event

You can add your own events too

Weekend Planner

Chat on discord / Facebook

Find players, arrange games, or just get info. Ideal for those folks who want to plan or chat or maybe a bit overwhelmed by lots of folks.

Facebook event


Welcome Game Area

The zone to start your convention experience.  Our favourite quick games, learn in seconds play in minutes.

From here after you are warmed up we can help find you groups, games and more.

If you want to meet a player here if a great place too

More information below

Player Wanted Flags

If you have spaces in your games add a flag.
If you are a player who wants to join a game wander the hall looking for flag. or even wave your own and see if any one adopts you!

Still stuck ask us for help at the information desk

Family zone

Here to teach you and your children games.

Manned by training / qualified volunteers during core hours but the games are avaliable to play at all times


Volunteer team (Yellow Lanyards)

Here to help. Same duties as the information desk, here to find you games or players make sure you are happy. If we can we will teach you games too.

We will be wandering the halls to make sure everyone is happy

If the volunteer you ask can’t help you we will find some one who can

Games Library

Free to borrow, grab a game and play it.
Pop it back on the shelf when you are done, If there are any issues please let us know.

If you are stick please ask for help, we can find you a game and maybe some one to teach you it.

Traders and Publishers

Check out our wonderful guests, they will have their games to try out including ones still in play testing! 

They games may also be on the weekend planner

2022 Welcome games area

Welcome game area.


Just inside the doors  past the welcome/information desk you will find an area with 12 plus amazing games, which are fun, simple to learn and play in a few minutes. Hand picked by us to represent a great mix of dexterity, trivia and more.

Ideally place to play a few games whilst waiting for a booked slot or meeting people.

Our games!

Game Type Players Notes
Catch the moon Dexerity 2 – 6 Coperatively place ladders higher and higher!
Timelines Knowledge 2-5 Place the invention or moment in history in the right place in the timeline
What Came first Knowledge 2 -8 Which came first! Bonus points if you can guess the year.
Colour Brain Knowledge 2 -12 Trivia but all the answers are colours!
Dobble Dexerity 2 – 8 Match the symbol as quick as you can!
Sussed Social 2 – 8 Amazing icebreaker, how well do you know your friends
Just One Social 3-7 Help find the word by giving good but unique clues
Kluster Dexerity 2 -4 Magnets! Get rid of your pieces but if any stick you pick them back up
Hasmterrolle Dexerity 2 -4 Get rid of your pieces any fall off you pick them up
Quoridor Puzzle 2 -4 Reach the other side, move or place a wall
Tsuro Puzzle 2-8 Extend and follow the path and be the last one standing!
A game about wee whimiscal creatures and trying to indetify noises Social 2- 8 Do the best impression of a weird creature you can!

All of the games are from our Free lending library