We want to make it super easy to find and play games no matter if you are brand new or a veteran!

Here are how you can find a game to play

1) Ask one our friendly crew (yellow lanyards or at the welcome desk) for help and we’ll get you sorted.
2) Check the online booking sheet and sign up
3) Ask on Facebook or Discord
4) Set up a game and add a players wanted flag. (Borrow from the library if you want)
5) Look for games with a players wanted flag
6) Talk to one of our amazing exhibitors or demoers.
7) Check out our welcome game area, teach yourself and or we’ll be right over to help you!

Introducing our Welcome game areas.

Just inside the doors  past the welcome desk you will find an area with 12 amazing games, which are fun, simple to learn and play in a few minutes. Hand picked by us to represent a great mix of dexterity, trivia and more.

Ideally place to play a few games whilst waiting for a booked slot or meeting people.

Our games!

Game Type Players Notes
Catch the moon Dexerity 2 – 6 Coperatively place ladders higher and higher!
Timelines Knowledge 2-5 Place the invention or moment in history in the right place in the timeline
What Came first Knowledge 2 -8 Which came first! Bonus points if you can guess the year.
Colour Brain Knowledge 2 -12 Trivia but all the answers are colours!
Dobble Dexerity 2 – 8 Match the symbol as quick as you can!
Sussed Social 2 – 8 Amazing icebreaker, how well do you know your friends
Just One Social 3-7 Help find the word by giving good but unique clues
Kluster Dexerity 2 -4 Magnets! Get rid of your pieces but if any stick you pick them back up
Hasmterrolle Dexerity 2 -4 Get rid of your pieces any fall off you pick them up
Quoridor Puzzle 2 -4 Reach the other side, move or place a wall
Tsuro Puzzle 2-8 Extend and follow the path and be the last one standing
A game about wee whimiscal creatures and trying to indetify noises Social 2- 8 Do the best impression of a weird creature you can!

All of the games are from our Free lending library