Who is this event for?

Everyone is welcome! We will do our very best to make you feel welcome and find a suitable game. We have a massive library with classic games, easy games and epic games. We have 5 minute games and games with rules that can be taught in seconds.  Families are welcome as we have dedicated family zone, no unattended children please. If you are alone we will help you find a game.


Is it really free?

Yes! We have loads of wonderful support so most of what we do is based on volunteer labour and donations. Keeping events free is important to us! If you have a good time please donate or buy raffle tickets! We have also received grants to allow us to invest in assets to improve accessibility and inclusion.


What do we mean by inclusive?

Not all inclusive like a holiday! (it’s free to enter but we’d love you buy a few drinks or a meal from the onsite cafe as they are providing us with free hall hire.)

We aim to be inclusive: as in supporting (not excluding) as many people as we can.
We aren’t perfect and can’t cater for everything. We try hard to make sure as many people can attend our events and have a great time as possible.

It’s important for us to keep our events free as wealth is an accessibility factor too, more so now than ever.

We’ve just spent the 2nd largest expense in our existence on an accessible toilet for the event.

Here is a rough guide on our usual accessibility and inclusion
measures https://herefor.games/knowledge/accessibility-and-inclusion/

We also collate and publish guides on this topic and welcome any feedback to keep improving them.

We are hosting online knowledge share sessions on this topic too as part of the online convention.

If anyone has any specific needs please do get in touch, we aim to get a good baseline and then support specific requirements as they arise, rather than trying to guess what the requirements may be.

If this doesn’t answer your questions please let us know.

More information here