We take inclusion and accessibility very seriously and try our best but running free events means we sometimes need to be creative or compromise.

In the last few years we’ve added additional signage to make sure you can find the venue and each part of the event is easy to understand including this website, online booking forms so you can prearrange games and more ways to chat to us and other guests at the event than before. Our team are clearly identifiable thanks to their Yellow Lanyards and we have a dedicated team of games teachers to support you. We have a dedicated team to support your well-being and several mental health first aiders on duty.

We have two designated wheel chair accessible tables including one raised for taller wheel chairs, the other raisable on request.

If there is anything we can reasonably do. We will please ask, we are here to help you have the best time you can.

The Core CIC.
At the time the Core does not have accessible toilets and we have access an accessible toilet this year (not changing places toilet)
The front door has a step but the side door (around to the left) will / can be opened for wheelchair access. Larger accessible toilets are a short drive away.

We will also be introducing a quiet / calm space. Outside we will have small marquee to act as a quiet space away from the bustle and there is a community garden and bench a few steps away as well.  We would love a ‘better’ quiet zone but the layout of the Core doesn’t allow that but we’ll keep trying and welcome all feedback.

More information on our general accessibility policies and methods including our code of conduct.


1) Shows our team lanyards, to make sure our volunteers are easy to find.
2) Second version of our name badges with clearer pronouns and bigger names and third edition of our lanyards.
3) Our ‘bus stop’ signs to identify the function of each area and to show people – The hall is empty but it shows the signs. (I think of these as the “!” above NPCs heads in RPGs, go to these signs and there will something fun to do… probably.)