We love transparency and sharing our knowledge, here is a break down of the finances of the convention and some other fun numbers.
It was another great event with a mix of local gamers, families discovering gaming and gamers travelling to us from all over the country. The numbers were around the same as last year over 400 unique 600 footfall. There wasn’t any growth as we had the first hot weather of the year on all three days! We still hope we provided a great free weekend all with overall low costs (food / parking etc) We had a diverse range of folks attend the events.  

I am still so proud we can keep an event of this size and accessibility free!

I will add the Conline debreif here as well.

Huge thanks to Herefordshire Community Foundation www.herefordshirecf.org
for the grant funding to help advertise the event, support out volunteers and keeping growing the community. Here for Games Con and other free social events has been made possible through funding from Herefordshire Community Foundation.

Worth over £8,000 388 prizes, 134+ Games
So much amazing support! I thanked 35 of them at the Uk Games Expo
We also also gained a large number of library games.
Some raffle prizes were rolled over to the next year.

Charity: £3462.78 including gift aid
In person raffle: £1,100
Online raffle £1,028
Bring and buy fees, painting zone and other donations £581.02
Word of Mouth Sales £2 per £14
Trader fees split 50/50 to HB / Mind £55

One time costs: £569.86
Advertising £215.76 (£30 printing, £100 local printing with River Carnival, rest Meta)
Transaction fees £81.11 (Raffally, Square and Paypal)
Volunteer food £198 (Set up, pack down and Monday)
Transport costs £50 (Diesel for borrowed Van)
Model printing £5

Income: £684.44
Bring and buy £235
Shop and Merch profit £156.82
Donations to cover costs £237.62 (Senior committee)
Trader Fees 50% £55

We chose to split the trader fees 50/50 to Mind and also cover all transaction costs so 100% would go to Mind. This was only possible due to the donations by the senior team and Hereford Community Foundation.

Investments in assets: £604.86
3d Printed scenery £125
Pride flags £12.86 (four)
Tables New £392 (12)
Tables second hand £75 (3)

Costs avoided £1,000s!

Printing costs
Van hire
Table clothes
Venue hire
Hereford Council tables
Tables from other places
Individuals petrol
100s of hours of Volunteer time both during the event and putting up posters etc

Things to improve:
Signage for finding and booking events.
Signage for a few area, Welcome Desk / Shop 

Finally huge thanks to Hereford Council which over the last two years have donated 200 chairs and 10 tables to us making us close to self sufficient and allow us to support other community groups and events.