Initial Here for Games Con 2024 feedback! It’s amazing seeing such good feedback and best of all 100% of respondents agree gaming and hobbies are good for your mental health. Do you agree? Share your stories!


Here for Games Con 2024 Feedback Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
I had a good time at the convention 23 3 0 0
Do you feel gaming and hobbies are good for your mental health? 25 1 0 0
How likely are you to recommend the convention to your friends? 24 1 1 0
Do you think the event was overall accessible and inclusive? 24 1 1 0


Hobbies, communities, belonging and giving back are so important,
right now in the social, economical and political climate our play time is so important! We are so happy to be a part of it.

With a free volunteer led event there will always be compromises and we worked hard to make the event as inclusive as possible, if you have any feedback do get in touch.

Responses to feedback.
The main issues
Flickering Lights under the fan. (Noted we are actioning)
Layout tight in places (We also had compliments on the layout) This one is tough as we expected a 20% growth so adjusted the layout to accomodate, overnight for sunday we removed a large number of tables to create more space.

Minor issues
Explanation of events / finding events (We will continue to improve the signage)
Toilet sinks a bit splashy
Food options / Low GI
Play to win on scraps of paper (Intentional we were reusing old of date signage)

Note: We were not responsible for the outside food or outside activities apart from the costume contest, all feedback around that will be passed onto the correct people.