Our own corner of the bigger Con where can get stuck in to some heavier and longer games. 

Open to all! Lots of games on hand, some quite rare. We’re happy to teach, and more than happy for people to bring their own games too.


Let us know what you want to play via the Conference game arranger! 🙂


FRIDAY (is EconomicEvening… aka free for all)

Suggestions include: 

Arkwright, Container, Pipeline, Import/Export, Tokyo Tsukiji Market, Bear Raid, Estates QE, Wildcatters, Ponzi Scheme, Key Market… 😂

Let us know what you would like!!


SATURDAY (is Splotterday…)

Lots of games by the renowned Dutch publisher to be sampled.


Indonesia (with a specially printed map) will be played!

Duck Dealer will be played!

Bus and Food Chain Magnate are always possible…

(Cannes, Antiquity, Horseless Carriage, Roads & Boats, The Great Zimbabwe & Ur 1830 all available on request…)


SUNDAY (is Trainday…)

Dual Gauge,  Age of Steam & Tramways – will almost certainly be played!

1817 (a famously good & heavy 18xx) could possibly be played if we had keen players registering their interest ahead of time

Less committal but still excellent 18xxs 18GB or 1860 are distinct possibilities

18Lilliput for the lighter approach!

Tokyo Metro! 


Ultimate Railroads! 

There are a lot to choose from…