Giant Games! Be in the Game! We love our giant games you get to be the playing piece!

Knock Buildings over in Terror in Meeple city.

Eat the fish and see the ice flow vanish and your routes to safety slip away in Hey that’s my Fish.

In tsuro, follow the path, see the players get closer and ‘feel’ the game, being on the board is so much more immersive and challenging than looking down on the board!

These will be avaliable in the arena most of the weekend, Join us for a game or ask one of the volunteers to arrange game. Once your know the rules help yourself (ideal for ‘fish and Tsuro)

Note: These games are suitable for all ages, we can simply the rules of Terror in meeple city to suit younger players but they all have hidden depth and strategy to discover (especially hey thats my fish)

We have made these games ourselves with the publishers permission to raise money for charity and awareness of our amazing hobby