Online is important, it’s accessible, cheap and lets our friends our the world join us.

During the pandemic we ran online and in 2022 we ran online and in person at the same time.   This year we are splitting the events onto different dates so we can give both our focus.

Lots more information to come but we are aiming one full day of activities   including RPGs, board Games and possibly even a round table and chat. We will support that by adhoc events and RPGs hopefully by the designers and special guests across the run up to the in person event.

Current dates 5-7th May two weeks before with games welcome to run 1st May to 11th May.


We also committed to make this a thing we run and grow each year, RPGs and communities online are wonderful. There is a gap in the market for an online convention, let’s build it. If you want to be involved please let us know, we are looking at building partnerships with other companies and organisers, as long as you are good with the event staying free, inclusive and open to all welcome onboard.

Hosted primarily on our discord servers.

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Volunteers and RPG GMs

Back Story:

We went online during the pandemic, running events almost every day as a way of giving back the community. I know we made a huge impact to peoples mental health and well being.

We ran our annual charity event online as we didn’t want our chosen charity to miss out or our guests.

We are proud that we still meet online where other groups have given up and have an amazing online community.

This christmas we ran 16 hours of online events across christmas eve to boxing day. We wanted to give back to our communities. Holidays can be hard.

This is why we are hoping to grow our online convention and are looking for feedback and partners.