Over £6,000 in prizes to be won! Nearly £2,000 online!

It’s a new record thanks to wonderful support from our community and sponsors! We’ve made sure there are a few things to win without spending a penny too!

All proceeds to Herefordshire Mind!

Raffles are only on Saturday. 

Full details of prizes, condition, sponsors and rules

Link to online raffles

Our sponsors
Sponsors | Here For Games Con

Any questions please ask

We believe in keeping things as fair and as transparent as possible our in person bundles have clear containers for the raffle tickets so you can view your odds and we are publishing the ‘odds’ for the online raffle on discord. https://discord.gg/Upv8R7Pycm and in person at the event. We will only be publishing this in a single location as I don’t want to miss updating multiple locations.

There will be a few ways to get your hands on our prizes

In-Person Raffle

Buy tickets on the day and pick your own prizes, so get researching

Online Bundles Raffle

Separate raffles with one or four large prizes. One ticket wins a stack of stuff

In-Person Bundle Raffles

In-person raffles with one prize, one tickets wins a stack of stuff

Play To Win (Free!)

Play Red Rising or Libertalia Winds of Galecrest from Stonemaier games to be in with a chance to win them! 

Or take part in one of our CONline online events.

Nothing can be removed from the online Raffles, but we reserve the right to adjust the inperson raffles up to the event and possible launch more raffles.

2023 prize pool!

Main Raffle In person

(To Come!)

Many prizes, many winners, pick your own prize! 

worth around £2500

​£1 a ticket. Entries close Saturday 13th May 19:00. 


Winner picks your own prize, remote purchasing allowed if a proxy is present, if you aren’t present we will pick for you. We reserve the right to stop drawing winners at a given point based on overal ticket sales, any prizes not picked will be rolled over for future events. Some prizes (Vouchers and perishables must be won and this overrides choose your own) 

Image is the total prize pool, we dont’ currently have an image of just the Main raffle 

9 Online Raffles with 17 prizes worth nearly £2000

A mix of single prize HUGE bundles and multi prize bundles with a range of values

​£1 a ticket, 1 or 4 prizes per Raffle. Entries close Saturday 13th May 19:00.

Link to online raffles (Click Load More to show all 9!)

Full Detail Spreadsheet

Postage not included (unless specified), Collection at the event, Hereford or UK Games Expo 2023. I am planning on personally covering the 10% fees for the raffle. Donations to cover costs are welcome we want every penny go to Mind 🙂 

Blood on the Clock Tower (Online Bundle)

Worth £150 Brand new social deduction game and home made name tag/ pronoun / rules reminder.

Lucky Duck Games bundle (Online Bundle)

4 games including UK postage. Worth £150
Donated by Lucky Duck Games – Official Website – Lucky Duck Games

Foundry VTT and 3 adventures (Online Bundle)

Foundry VTT and 3 adventures Worth £150
Donated by Home | Foundry Virtual Tabletop (foundryvtt.com)

RPG Bundle 3 Prizes (Online Bundle 1)

14 PDFs! Worth £225 Aliens, 3 Warhammer systems, Dungeons and Dragons adventures and Wild Sea!
Donated by Cubicle 7, and Wild Sea Felix Isaacs Quill Hound Studios

Games Bundles four prizes (Online Bundle)

20 Games, 8 Digital Games and more! Worth £480
Two main prizes of an amazing set of games ideal to start or improve your collection, two runner prizes of digital games.

Nerd set (Online Bundle)

Vouchers, digital games and HB merch Worth £130

Vouchers / prizes from these amazing shops
Table Top Terrain and Miniatures » Headbunny Games
ShirtsAndMerchStudio – Etsy UK
FantasyWorldMaps – Etsy UK

Talisman Online Bundle 1

1 game, 5 expansions worth £175

Goodman Games RPG (Online Bundle)

30 RPG PDF! Worth $250

RPG accessories (Online Bundle)

Dice, dice trays, healing potions and more! Worth £225

In person bundles (£200, £170, £150, £125, £90 currently)

One ticket wins a lot! (exact contents may change and we will launch more)

​Seperate raffles per bundle! £1 a ticket 1 prize per raffle winner takes all. A great way to help you manage your odds of winning specific prizes . Entries close Saturday 13th May 19:00.

Contents may vary until launch. Postage not included, Collection at the event, Hereford or UK Games Expo 2023.

A general bundle representing a cross section of games worth £200.
A fantasy themed bundle worth £175
A horror themed bundle worth £150
Armada starter set (Mantic Games) worth £90
Pre painted undead models (Head Bunny Games worth £125)

Play To Win

Stonemaier Games

Over the weekend play a game of one of these great games to be entered into a draw to win it.

Red Rising and Liberatalia: Gale Crest

Very kindly donated by https://stonemaiergames.com/

Draw will be Wednesday the 17th and winners informed via Email. Collection from Hereford, UK Games Expo 2023 or postage not included. Maximum of one entry per game per person, maximum of one prize per person. No cash way to enter this contest! Free entry only! Herefordshire Board Gamers champions excluded from entering


Attend a CONline event!

Czech Games Edition

Take part in one our Conline events!

 Very kindly donated by https://czechgames.com/

Draw will be Wednesday the 17th and winners informed via Email / Discord. Maximum of one prize per person. No cash way to enter this contest! Free entry only! Herefordshire Board Gamers champions excluded from entering