2024 will be our 10th year, making the Herefordshire Board Gamers Annual charity day one of the longest running pure charity events in the UK (if not the longest as we didn’t stop during Covid). This event contributes most of our total fund raising. In 2023 we doubled our attendance to 400 unique, around 600 footfall, not counting the 200+ footfall for the online events. Making our small local Convention a large convention! 

From humble but amazing beginnings raising £500, to going online during the pandemic but still raising £1877 and over £4,000 last time in person we’ve always prided ourselves in providing an amazing day out, introducing modern boarding and our huge raffle and auctions last few year we’ve had over £5000 in prizes!

2022 Gallery | Here For Games Con

Information on our first four events 

Photos of the 2019 event (our last in person event)

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