Here for Game con is a free inclusive charity games convention 100% of proceeds to Herefordshire Mind

Our 9th annual convention in 2023 raised nearly £4,000 for mind and had a footfall of over 600 in person and 200 online. 

14 days of free charity gaming and events including three in person days of gaming, huge games library, friendly teachers, RPGs, giant games, events, traders and more.

Free Entry and all proceeds to charity Herefordshire Mind. Our 9th year, in 2023 we raised nearly £4,000 raised for Mind! 400 unique guests, 600 footfall in person and online! Glowing feedback! As friendly and welcoming as we hoped!

We ran 14 days of online events, with a foot/click fall over 210 guests and had a huge range of partipcation events,.

Over £6,000 of prizes were won, including nearly £2,000 online (Expired but we’ will aim for more next)

 Online events organised via 

Photos of last years event here 
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We are working through this website to close down the pages and start preparing for 2024, so there may be some out of date data. Want to join in 2024 get in touch!


Doors open (To be confirmed)
Friday: 4pm to late
Saturday 10:30 to Late
Sunday: 10:30am to 20:00
Core CIC Hereford

CONline: April 2024 Online

We’re supporting

Raffles and more

Prizes worth over £5,500
nearly £2,00 to be won online!

2023 short summary!

2023 short summary!

IT WASEPIC! We doubled in size over 600 footfall in person and 210 online. We increased the level of inclusion and accessibiltiy and raised nearly £4,000 for charity. If you want to donate, everything we do is for free but we appreciate...

Here for Games Con numbers and finances.

Here for Games Con numbers and finances.

Here for Games Con in numbers: Initial / draft figures. Over 400 unique guests with a footfall of over 600. That's double last year. 210 online29 volunteers! -------------------------------------- Fundraising over £3,910 for Herefordshire Mind and £75 for RNIB....

Giant Games, be in the game!

Giant Games, be in the game!

Giant Games! Be in the Game! We love our giant games you get to be the playing piece! Knock Buildings over in Terror in Meeple city. Eat the fish and see the ice flow vanish and your routes to safety slip away in Hey that's my Fish. In tsuro, follow the path, see the...