About us

Gaming, Fundraising and knowledge sharing community.

Herefordshire Board Gamers is a volunteer led not for profit community group which meets at least twice monthly to play board, card, war and role play games. We also have a very active online community. We aim to provide a free, safe hobby and social space. We also aim to support gamers and other game groups, local businesses and communities and raise money for charity. In the last four years we have raised over £22, 000 for charity and run 100s of free events. During the pandemic we increased our activities and ran event on most days! including increasing the variety of events.

We aim to make all our events as inclusive and friendly as we can. We bring along a games library and always have dedicated games teachers on hand. We also run and support separate events, including extra games nights, role play games sessions and campaigns.

We have made life-sized versions of board games to raise money for charity, bring awareness to the hobby and to make them more inclusive. We run multiple, charity fund raising events every year, including a 24 hour ‘game-a-thon’. We hold one free inclusive charity games convention each year with around £6,000 worth of prices. Attendance is growing year on year and last in person event we raised over £4,000 (with Gift Aid).

We have a lending library of over 500 games, Role play games, puzzles and event equipment.

Overall, we aim to have fun and share the wonderful hobby of gaming in a supportive and noncompetitive way.

An overview video of our services!


The committee is:
Chair : Ad Best
Vice chair: Elaine Best
Secretary: James Brandt
Treasurer: James Wright
Diversity/ Child Protection: Nic Carpenter

Plus many other supporting and advisory members. 
More information here https://herefor.games/con/team/


Our first formal meeting was 14th July 2016, although we had organised two NSPCC charity board game days previously, in 2016 and 2015 (each time raising around £500).

Founded and led by Adam and Elaine Best and supported by diverse committee and team.

Our numbers are growing with each meeting and we are still regularly seeing new faces.

Adam has always been into gaming and discovered modern gaming in around 2001 with Zombies!!! and Munchkin and has dabbled in most types of board, card and war games. Elaine was introduced into the wonderful world of modern gaming by Adam and hasn’t looked back since!  Their collection has grown and matured over the years and they love sharing their hobby.

More about us here on facebook www.facebook.com/groups/Herefordgamers/

If you want to contact us please use Facebook or our contact form

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