Gaming and fundraising community

Over £17,221 raised for charity in 6 years. Free friendly inclusive events in person and online. More than a games night! Here for you!

Regular Free events

Free social events in Hereford and Online. Games nights,  RPGs, quizzes and socials.  With a focus on welcome, inlusion and making sure everyone has a great time!

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Free Community Library

500 games, jigsaws, lifesize games, RPGs and event equipment. Free to borrow for individuals.   Amazing titles from childrens games from 2 years  modern classics like Wingspan, Bloodrage and pandemic to classics like Scrabble, Go and Risk.

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Guides on buying games, learning and teaching games, next steps from Monopoly and mental health first aid.  Guides on running commnuities, charity and inclusive events.

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Community (Online and In person)

We have friendly inclusive communities on Facebook and Discord so please join us. We are also on nearly all of the social media sites so follow us so you never miss out!

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Here For Games Con: May 12-14th 2023

A free charity gaming convention in Hereford. Our 9th Annual event!
2022 raised nearly £3000 and entertained over 200 people  for free! Onwards! We plan to run an online session the weekend before includ RPGs by the designers and a free 3 day event with a huge range of activities and hopefully special guests.

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Charity and Giving Back

Herefordshire Board Gamers is proud of giving back, running free event,, sharing knowledge, providing free games and equipment. But we are most proud of raising over £17221. £7500 of that during first two years of the pandemic.

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Our aims


Building and supporting our community, providing a welcome, inclusive place for everyone to, play games, arrange games and socialise inperson and online.

Challenge loneliness, isolation and support the mental well being of our members

Inclusion & accessibility

Gaming and socialisation for everyone, making our events and communities as inclusive and accessible as possible.

By running a variety of events at a range of venues including online.

We recognise our members are unique, and our community is built on a foundation of support and respect

Education & support

Share the wonderful hobby of gaming with all of its mental well being, health and social benefits.

Provide the games, tools, guides and support to inform, inspire and enable people to run their own events.

Challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes.

Charity & giving back

Give back by raising money for our chosen charity.

Support gamers and the community and provide opportunities for members to assist in giving back.

What Our Guests Say

We’d love more testimonials, stories of how we have helped! It’s important for grant funding and to help keep us motivated, our volunteer team is amazing but this is a lot of work!!

We’d love some more reviews and testimonials get in touch!

It is great to find such an inclusive, friendly group. We were welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. There was always someone on hand to explain how to play the games.

Female 20s

HBG is really a community and we are all supportive of each other and accept one another for who we as individuals are. I personally find gaming to have a relaxing, Mindfulness effect on me where my mind quietens, thus increasing my mental health and well-being

Female 30s
Community Regular

Everyone involved and attending were so friendly and helpful. There was not one person I came across who was not willing to help or share their time. Would we return next time: MOST DEFINITELY!!! This weekend was an absolute first for us and most definitely not a last.

Female 30s
Here for Games Con FEEDBACK

I think the thing I liked the absolute most was that the event was sensitive to mental health, identity and non-cis personas without being sanctimonious or pretentious about it. It made both me and my partner really comfortable and able to freely enjoy the event.

Female 20s

Your roundtable was my personal highlight of the entire expo; thank you so much for organising it and sharing your experience with other enthusiasts so generously. 

Female 20s
UK Games Expo 2022 Board game organisers knowledge Share

Last year I was introduced to online games. At my age….64… I thought it would be snakes and ladders. I can hear the intake of breath. No these are fun ones, some a twist on old games, mystery, team games, the list is long. But most of all the people are genuine soles eager to help and encourage any and all. 

Female 60s
New Member during the Pandemic