Gaming, Fundraising and knowledge sharing community.

Free friendly inclusive events in person and online. Free community lending library of over 500 games. Over £26,000 raised for causes since 2017

Regular Free events online and in person

Free social events in Hereford and Online. Games nights, RPGs, quizzes and socials. A focus on the people, making sure everyone has a great time!

Schedule: First Thursday 18:30 Herdsman Second Thursday 19:00 Online, Third Sunday 12:00 Herdsman. Fourth Sunday 18:00 Online. And walks, video games and RPGs.
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Here For Games Con 2024. April / May

A free charity gaming convention in Hereford. Our 9th Annual event was held in 2023 raised over £4,000 and had a foot fall of over 600 in person and 200 online. (Over 450 unique guests)

Everyone is welcome from families to experienced games. A huge range of activities, a well-stocked games library, friendly teachers, and special guests. Our guests described it as fun, fantastic, incredible and inclusive.
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Free Community Library

More than 500 games, 50 jigsaws, GIANT games, RPGs, and event equipment.

Free to borrow for individuals and not for profit communities. We can lend to other events and for profit organisations upon arrangement.
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Shop new and pre-loved games

As a trial, we are now stocking a small but lovingly curated range of new games and will be listing our pre-loved games online.

If you are planning on buying games why not buy from us and all profits go back into the community!
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Community (Online and In person)

We have friendly inclusive communities on Facebook and Discord so please join us. We are also on nearly all of the social media sites so follow us so you never miss out!

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Charity and Giving Back

Herefordshire Board Gamers is proud of giving back, running free events, empowering people, sharing knowledge, and providing free games and equipment. But we are proudest of raising over £22,160, £7,500 of that during the first two years of the pandemic.

Herefordshire Board Gamers is a not for profit community run by volunteers to give back to the community. If you want to volunteer with us, get in touch! It’s really rewarding and we will fully support you.
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Knowledge (Gaming, accessibly and inclusion)

Free guides for individuals, clubs, schools and communities.

Learn about: buying games, learning and teaching games, next steps from Monopoly, mental health first aid, on running commnuities, charity fundraising, accessibility and inclusive events. We want to grow the team of knowledge champions to help spread the word of how small changes can make a big difference.
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Giant games

Giant games, where you are the playing piece! Play from a new perspective, literally!  Made to promote the hobby and raise money for charity.

Currently we have made Lifesize games : Tsuro, Hey thats My Fish, Terror in Meeple city, and Jenga We have purchased giant games of Quarto, Quoridor and Marrakech
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Role Play games

Dungeons and Dragons and more! We play around 25 different systems a year, from the classics like Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons and Dragons to countless indie systems and one page adventures where you are a pack of goblins.

We play in person and online.
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Communities, colaboration, volunteers and traders.

We love working with new folks and communities and giving back! Do you want to  work us? Trade at our events? Demo at our events get in touch.

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Our aims


To build and support our community, providing a welcome, inclusive space for everyone to play or run games and socialise wether in person or online.

To challenge loneliness and isolation and support the mental well being of our members.

Inclusion & accessibility

To provide and support gaming and socialisation for everyone by making our events and communities as inclusive and accessible as possible.

To recognise that our members are unique, and our community is built on a foundation of support and respect.

Education & support

To share the wonderful hobby of gaming and all of its mental, physical and social benefits.

To provide the games, tools, guides and support to inform, inspire and enable people to run their own inclusive events. To challenge misconceptions and stereotypes.

Charity & giving back

To give back by raising money for our chosen charity.

To support gamers and the community by providing opportunities for members to assist in giving back.


Raised since 2017 for good causes

£ 7500

in the first two years of the pandemic


Free sessions online and in person each year

Donate to Herefordshire Mind

Support us to support the community

Here for Games is a volunteer community that loves to give back and provides various events, a lending library, support and advice all for free! We pride ourselves on our free, accessible, high quality events but this all costs money.

Please donate to us to help us keep providing free events and supporting the community.
You can also support us by buying games and merchandise from our shop. Donate to us (Paypal)Donate to us (Square)Here for games shop

Free Events including supporting free community events

We run 100s of our own free events a year, online and in person games nights, role play games, exercise, socials, LGTBQIA+ nights and knowledge sharing.

We also love supporting local communities! In 2023 we supported Hereford Pride, Comic Con, River Carnival, Big Eat and ran a games evening for a local scout group. Request community or event support

Here for Games Con, free fun for everyone raising £1,000s for Charity

Three days of free gaming and events suitable for everyone. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly and accessible space for gamers to game and supporting newer players and families with our amazing team of dedicated volunteers.

Our annual charity event is 10 years old and has raised most of the £22,000 we’ve raised for charity. For the last three years we have also run an online convention so everyone can take part! Get in touch to find out more or get involved. Here for Games Con

Supporting you!

Free lending library of over 500 games, jigsaws and more, support us to learn how to teach games and run inclusive fun game events.

We love empowering people and as we can only run so many events, providing the games and sharing our knowledge to others expands our reach. Through knowledge sharing we have supported other communities and gaming conventions. Here for Games knowledge

Join our friendly inclusive communities

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What Our Guests Say

We’d love some more reviews and testimonials get in touch!

Have your say! Give us feedback and let us know how gaming and communities help you

Fun, fantastic, incredible and Inclusive!

Various guests Feedback form

Here For Games Con is an inclusive and accessible board gaming experience for all to take part in. I felt completely welcomed by all the team and had a great time!

Man 30s

HBG is really a community and we are all supportive of each other and accept one another for who we as individuals are.

I personally find gaming to have a relaxing, Mindfulness effect on me where my mind quietens, thus increasing my mental health and well-being
Woman 30s
Community Regular

Everyone involved and attending were so friendly and helpful. There was not one person I came across who was not willing to help or share their time.

Would we return next time: MOST DEFINITELY!!! This weekend was an absolute first for us and most definitely not a last.
Woman 30s
Here for Games Con FEEDBACK

I think the thing I liked the absolute most was that the event was sensitive to mental health, identity and non-cis personas without being sanctimonious or pretentious about it. It made both me and my partner really comfortable and able to freely enjoy the event.

Woman 20s

Your roundtable was my personal highlight of the entire expo; thank you so much for organising it and sharing your experience with other enthusiasts so generously.

Woman 20s
UK Games Expo 2022 Board game organisers knowledge Share

Last year I was introduced to online games. At my age….64… I thought it would be snakes and ladders. I can hear the intake of breath. No these are fun ones, some a twist on old games, mystery, team games, the list is long. But most of all the people are genuine soles eager to help and encourage any and all.

Woman 60s
New Member during the Pandemic

It is great to find such an inclusive, friendly group. We were welcomed and made to feel very comfortable. There was always someone on hand to explain how to play the games.

Woman 20s

The Herefordshire board gamers have had such a positive impact on our family.

We like playing games but find after playing the same ones we end up not playing at all. And with the rising costs of living it’s just not financially viable for us to pay out for new games all the time. The group have given us back that quality family time by allowing us to try new games for free. So much choice and very friendly, knowledgeable people running it. Even our 16 year old has started getting a game out ready to play once the younger kids are in bed. It’s been lovely having time together. The kids are excited when it comes to ‘game swap time’ too. It weirdly reminds me of the excitement I used to feel as a child going to blockbuster and being able to choose from so many items!
Library Feedback

“Herefordshire Board Gamers Library is an absolute gem for board game enthusiasts like us, and it’s quickly become a go-to destination for fun and entertainment. In a world dominated by screens and virtual experiences, Herefordshire Board Gamers Library is like a breath of fresh air. It’s a reminder that the simple joy of sitting down with friends, rolling dice, and strategizing on a board is timeless and priceless.

The first thing that struck us was the incredible range and sheer number of games available. It’s like entering a magical realm of cardboard and strategy. From classic family games to intricate Eurogames, there’s something here for every taste and skill level. Every game we have borrowed from the library is in excellent condition. It’s clear that the organizers and volunteers put their hearts into ensuring that the games are in top-notch condition. It makes the entire gaming experience feel really enjoyable. The organizers and volunteers, they deserve a standing ovation! Their passion for board games is infectious, whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for a challenge or a beginner in need of some guidance, they’re always there to help. And let’s not forget Adam, his recommendations are excellent. The costs of some of the premium board games make them hard to purchase, the library lets you try before you buy. We have made several purchases after borrowing games (and finding that we couldn’t live without them). So, next time you have some free time check out the library, and I am sure that like us, you won’t be disappointed!”
Hannah & Lesley (Shuffle&Roll)
Library Feedback

“The culture of inclusion and respect within Herefordshire Board Gamers has created a space for queer people like myself to feel not only safe but welcomed while we share our common interest. It has enabled me to make many queer friends I may never have met otherwise and I’m so grateful.”

Community Stores Pride 2023

“HB is more than a board game group to me. They are among the nicest people I’ve ever met. The people who organise will go out of their way to help, support or show compassion. They’ve created a space I can go to and not worry about what people will think. I’m a shy person, very introverted and worry how people perceive me, but there I don’t feel that. It’s just a place to play board games and have a chat I consider myself non binary but this is fairly new to me and I continue to investigate that part of me so I’m not publicly out. It wasn’t the starting point but the variety of people, personalities, and identities has widened my worldview and allowed me to be myself. While I’m not public with my identity, I know that HB would be a space I’d be able to do that if I so chose”


“I joined HB after I had come out as a Transgender non-binary man. Not a single person at any event has been hateful in any way even though very it’s very obvious I was born a woman. As hard as I have tried nothing stops society from viewing me as a woman as I have naturally very feminine features but the whole team at HB has been so supportive and even though many of them had not personally known a transgender person so open before they took the challenge of learning pronouns that don’t match someone’s external to the heart and have all done such a fantastic job!”


“Being transgender, I was worried I wouldn’t be accepted or would find it difficult to make friends there. However, I was very quickly put at ease by seeing some openly trans people who took me in and helped me get more involved. I’ve found a whole group of friends who are accepting and supporting of each other. I always look forward to going to each event and seeing all the friends I’ve created through the group. It’s opened me up to a whole community of people I would never have otherwise had.”


Herefordshire Games Con was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy our hobbies with like-minded people, and learn some new things.


Lifesize and giant games! Be in the Game

We make lifesize games to share and promote the hobby and raise money for charity. Giant games are amazing at bringing new gamers into the hobby!

Much more exciting and challenging. Great for all ages. Rules can often be simplified to support accessibility and tailor the experience We have made Life size, Tsuro, Hey thats my Fish and Terror in Meeple City. We have made Molkky and Giant Jenga. We have purchased Giant Quoridoor, Giant Quarto and Giant Marrakech

 Tsuro (Lifesize)

2-8 players by Calliope Games (Made by us)

Quick and simple game, lay down a route and try and stay on the board as long as you can.  At 8 players it’s glorious chaos at two player its much friendly. A true classic game which brings a smile to most gamers faces when they realise they can be in the game Rules are 95% the same as the orginal apart from you carry two tiles not three.
 learn more

Giant Hey thats My Fish (Lifesize)

2 to 8 players by Fantasy Flight Games.  (Made by us)

A deceptively cute game, which is about eating the fish you land on. It’s really about blocking and grabbing packs of land so the fish are all yours. You can play as teams or individuals. A wonderful mean games fun for all ages Rules are 95% of the orginal but team size changed and individual play supported
 learn more

Terror in Meeple City (Lifesize)

2 to 5 playersby Repos Production  (Made by us)

Be the monster knock down the city and eat the people. Rules are great simplified. We’ve stripped away most of the rules of the orginal game to create a fun fast experience suitable for all ages and abilities. We are currently desigining a new set of rules to reintroduce a more complex / gamer version
 learn more

Quoridor (Giant)

2 / 4 players by Gigamic (Avaiable to order)

The abstract strategy game Quoridor is surprisingly deep for its simple rules. The abstract strategy game Quoridor is surprisingly deep for its simple rules.

Quarto (Giant)

2 Players by Gigamic  (Avaiable to order)

Connect 4 made evil  Each piece has four  attributes — color, height, shape, and hollow The object is to place the fourth piece in a row in which all four pieces have at least one attribute in common. The twist is that your opponent gets to choose the piece you place on the board each turn.

Marrakech (Giant)

2-4 players by Gigamic  (Avaiable to order)

A roll and move rug laying games, where you want to avoid stepping on other peoples rugs. Amazing fun

Jenga (Giant)

2-6 players

The classic dexerity game, loved by all

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2-8 players Historic game made by us

Mölkky (Finnish: [ˈmølkːy]) is a Finnish throwing game with characteristics similar to games like bowling. Best played outdoors on grass.

 learn more

Role Play Games (RPGs)

Role play games! Dungeons and dragons and more! We normally play around 25 different systems a year from the classics like Call of Chtulhu and Dungeons and Dragons to indy and one page adventures where you are a pack of goblins.

We play in person and online. We run mostly begineer friendly games so no experience in necesary and can provide support and feedback in running your first games as well. If you want to play in an RPG? Run an RPG, or just talk RPGs we got you. LEARN MORE